Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacology is a vibrant area of biomedical science that studies drug action (how medicines and other drugs work and are processed by the body). Drug action affects all of us in one way or another, through the medicines that we take, the effects alcohol or caffeine consumption or the inadvertent exposure to poisons and environmental pollutants, as well as many other aspects of modern life such as drug addiction and drug abuse including the abuse of drugs in sport.

Pharmacology is crucial for discovering new medicines to help fight diseases such as cancer, depression, heart disease, and infectious diseases. It is essential for improving the effectiveness and reducing the unwanted side effects of medicines, understanding why individuals differ in the way they respond to certain drugs, and why some others cause addiction.

As a scientific discipline, pharmacology lies at the heart of biomedical science, linking together chemistry, physiology (the normal function of living organisms) and pathology (the malfunction of living organisms that leads to disease). Pharmacologists work closely with a wide variety of other disciplines that make up modern biomedical science, including neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, immunology, and cancer biology, to name just a few.

The pharmaceutical faculty of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy was inaugurated by the Ministry for Education and science for Ukraine. The faculty began training specialists’ pharmacists of general direction “pharmaceutics”. At the pharmacological faculty, the curriculum if for five academic years.

The student acquires the fundamentals of medical and biological knowledge, learn in detail various subjects in the specialty and some clinical ones. On successful completion of the study, the graduates get the diploma of a pharmacist of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy. The faculty trains the students for work at the institutions of pharmacy and also for research work.

A powerful educational methodical base is being created for training highly qualified specialists. There are such departments are as the pharmacognosy, Biology and Genetics department and chemo-pharmaceutic disciplines department. Medical botany, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical, physical and organic chemistry, methods for analysis are taught at these departments. All the departments are supplied with all the necessary equipment, reagents, and textbooks.

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