Airport pickup

Airport pickup

We always receive our all students at the airports of Ukraine and we shall make an arrangement of transportation from the airport to Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy. It is advisable to book all flights as soon as possible because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel to Ukraine.

It is compulsory for every student to inform us about his/her flight details because if our representative will not be at the airport to receive a student, a student shall be deported back to the homeland.

Students who got their Ukrainian visa have to inform us about their arrival details so that DMA representative could receive the students at the airport. Please send us the scan copy of the booked ticket.

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The climate of your study abroad location will make or break what you should pack, so don’t underestimate this. Remember, too, if your study abroad location is in a different hemisphere, the seasons are flipped.

Every airline has different baggage requirements, so be sure to check this carefully. Even if your airline allows two checked bags plus a carry-on, do you actually want to lug all of that around? Just because you can bring it doesn’t mean you should. Decide upfront how much stuff you really want to carry and then stick to it

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