Training in the preparatory department in quarantine

Training in the preparatory department in quarantine

During the period of quarantine measures, the preparatory department switched to a complete distance form of training. The process of distance education of students is provided by 4 departments of the academy, namely: the department of language training, the department of medical biology and botany, the department of biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, the department of medical-biological physics and informatics.

From the first days of quarantine, distance learning programs based on the Google Class platform have been developed and implemented in all departments. All materials for preparation for the lesson and the implementation of relevant tasks are posted on the websites of the departments in the section “Distance learning” / Preparatory department / relevant group. Under each task, the information on sending of the executed works with a mailbox of the teacher of the corresponding group is provided. In addition, students have the opportunity to receive advice from teachers of the department remotely, sent a letter marked “Request”.

But each of us has recently felt the lack of communication, especially when you are away from home and parents. Therefore, since April, the distance education of the students of the preparatory department has been supplemented by classes with the help of the ZOOM remote conferencing service. Thanks to which students were able to “live” communication with the teacher and their peers, and the teacher the opportunity to monitor the implementation of the educational process on time.

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